How to Leverage Analytics to Drive Product Strategy

San Diego Startup Week, May 2019

In this talk, I describe how to collect user feedback and behavioral data, and develop funnels, profiles, and dashboards to help you make objective decisions about your product strategy. The tools and frameworks in this talk will give you the power to build the right product at the right time, and make better decisions based on objective reality.

Abandoning the Assembly Line - Agile First Principles

0111 CTO Conference, November 2018

We all agree and intellectually believe in being agile, yet so many of us don’t embody true agile development principles. This short, action-packed talk that gets to the essence of the challenges so many development teams struggle with and how to overcome them. If you build software, you should check this out.

Effective Investor Presentations

StartupSD Convergence 2019

In this talk I give a comprehensive overview of what makes a great investment pitch, what key information investors are looking for, and where entrepreneurs typically fail. I cover the basic structure of a pitch deck, the preparation and traction necessary to be taken seriously, and tools and models you can apply to make the biggest impact.

The Tao of Product Development - A Talk on User Centered Design

StartupSD Convergence Conference, January 2018

Startups must move fast. So much of what makes a successful startup is working efficiently and relentlessly. Yet there is nothing more wasteful than working on the wrong things. Many startups fail because they do not truly understand what their customers want. User Centered Design puts the user at the center of the entire product development process.

Develop & Execute a Strategic Product Roadmap

0111 CTO Conference, November 2017

I gave this talk at the 0111 CTO Conference in November 2017. Technology leaders put so much focus on working efficiently, but nothing is more wasteful than working on the wrong things. Here I discuss how to identify and prioritize the right things, so that you aren't wasting effort building a product nobody wants.

Be in Service to your Users

The CTO Studio, March 2018

I had the honor of being interviewed for the inaugural episode of The CTO Studio. I had a great conversation with Etienne de Bruin about life, passion, and purpose, and a little AI thrown in for good measure..