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Build the Right Things — A 5 Step Plan to a Rock-Solid Product Roadmap

Building a product is complicated. There are many factors that drive the decision of what to build and when. You may get a feature request from an important client. Your customer service department might be flooded with tickets about a feature that doesn’t function intuitively. Your competition might have released some shiny new features and now you have to up the ante. You may want to reach into a new vertical to position yourself for market growth or a future acquisition. You might have to overhaul your architecture to scale with demand. Your CEO might have just returned from a conference and has a brilliant idea about a new opportunity. These and other factors are constantly clamoring for your attention and resources. How do you objectively decide what to build and when?

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You're Doing Scrum Wrong, and Here's How to Fix It

When the Manifesto for Agile Software Development was first published, it was not a process, but a set of guiding principles. These principles were later turned into the Scrum software development process, which gathered a passionate, cult-like following. Two of the core, foundational principles of agile development are reflection and continuous improvement. By creating tight feedback loops of iteration, analyzing the meta-process of product development, and constantly experimenting in order to improve communication and efficiency, these early Scrum teams were able to efficiently deliver high quality software while being able to quickly adapt to the shifting priorities of the business.

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Keep Your Promises — How to deliver software on time

We’ve all experienced a rough development cycle, where we get bogged down by unexpected problems and scope creep. Our CEOs get frustrated when product timelines slip, and our efforts to explain the chaos does little to help. We are all familiar with agile development, but it takes discipline to keep a constant and clear communication flow throughout the development cycle. When you make a promise to your boss, how can you reliably keep that promise in the chaotic world of a startup?

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