Eric Weiss, CEO

I'm Eric Weiss. I've been obsessed with technology since I was a child. Back in the 80's, I used to tear apart my dad's old 486 PC so I could play video games. I was a hacker during my rebellious teen years. In high school, I was a junior sys admin at an ISP in the early dial-up days. I did research at a supercomputing lab in college. I've spent the last fifteen years developing software products from every angle. I've been a developer, systems architect, project manager, product manager, consultant, and Chief Technology Officer. I LOVE this stuff!

But you don't just get me, you also get access to my incredible network of technology leaders and developers. I've built products from nothing and taken them to market, and along the way I've worked with amazing people in all areas of product development.

My colleagues and I can help you do market research, design an MVP, develop a business model, gain critical user feedback, develop a strategic product roadmap, manage finances and legal needs, build quality software that scales, automate testing and deployment, and tie it all together with world class analytics. In short, I'm your one stop shop to get your product built and launched.

Let's do this.